Warranty Information

All products sold by Kito Canada are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship from date of shipment by Kito for the following periods:

  • 1 year – Hoists, Trolleys, and Parts
  • 3 years  ER2, EQ, & SEQ Model
  • 5 years  EQ, SEQ, EM, SEM, TEM, TSEM and TNER Pull - Rotor Motor Brake
  • 10 years  ER2 “The Guardian” Smart Brake

  1. The product must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and must not have been subject to abuse, lack of maintenance, misuse, negligence, or unauthorized repairs or alterations.

  2. Should any defect in material or workmanship occur during the above time period in any product, as determined by Kito Canada inspection of the product, Kito Canada agrees, at its discretion, either to replace (not including installation) or repair the part or product free of charge and deliver said item F.O.B. Kito Canada place of business to customer.

  3. Customer must obtain a Return Goods Authorization as directed by Kito or Kito’s published repair center prior to shipping product for warranty evaluation. An explanation of the complaint must accompany the product. Product must be returned freight prepaid. Upon repair, the product will be covered for the remainder of the original warranty period. Replacement parts installed after the original warranty period will only be eligible for replacement (not including installation) for a period of one year from the installation date. If it is determined there is no defect, or that the defect resulted from causes not within the scope of Kito’s warranty, the customer will be responsible for the costs of returning the product.

  4. Kito Canada disclaims any and all other warranties of any kind expressed or implied as to the product’s merchantability or fitness for a particular application. Kito will not be liable for death, injuries to persons or property or for incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages, loss or expense arising in connection with the use or inability whatever, regardless of whether damage, loss or expense results from any act or failure to act by Kito, whether negligent or willful, or from any other reason.