Hoist and Trolley Safety Information

Safety is our number one priority

Kito Canada stresses the importance of safety and the need to follow proper safety guidelines for installation, operation and maintenance of hoist and crane products. Although you may be familiar with these types of products we strongly suggest that you read our Owner's Manual before installing, operating or maintaining our products.

Recommended hoist inspection procedures are based on ANSI / ASME B30.16 and B30.21.  

Our Sales Team will provide on-site Safety Orientation Sessions to help support your safety practices. These seminars include an Owner's Manual overview, instruction on warnings on products and documentation on recommended practices as outlined by Material Handling Industry (MHI) Note: These seminars are limited and do not constitute a comprehensive study of hoist use and safety. The owner and user must read and understand the Owner's Manual and warnings on our products.

Click the links below to view MHIA Recommended Practices documents. 

The use of hoists and cranes is subject to certain hazards that cannot be reduced or eliminated by engineered features, but only by the exercise of intelligence, care, common sense and experience in anticipating the effects and results of activating the equipment's controls. Therefore, it is essential that operators are properly trained about equipment and how to operate it safely.