KITO hoists are designed to be simple but there is always an opportunity to learn. Check out our growing video library to see how you can get the most out of your current hoist or discover a new lifting solution that may improve your business.

M3CB - Experience the Difference

This hand chain hoist is stronger and lasts longer in the toughest environments and roughest conditions on earth.
The CB is characterized by a low workload for increased worker wellbeing & jobsite productivity, while offering exceptional endurance for long-life product performance.

HD3C Stainless Steel Trolley

The HCB High Speed Hand Chain Hoist

Save time and increase efficiency lifting heavy loads with KITO's High-Sped Hand Chain Hoist. Using the world's first built-in high/low clutch technology, this heavy duty hoist operates to standard specifications when loaded, but runs up to seven times faster when unloaded.

How Slip Clutch Hoists Create Safer Worksites

KITO's Maurie Bergstrom shows how the L5LB's slip clutch helps create a safer workplace.

KITO's "Smart" Weston-style Mechanical Brake in Action

KITO's Maurie Bergstrom demonstrates the L5LB lever chain hoist "smart" mechanical brake.

KITO's Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) In Action

KITO's Maurie Bergstrom show us how the variable frequency drive (VFD) works on the electric ER Series chain hoist.

L5LB Freewheel Mechanism

KITO's Maurie Bergstrom demonstrates the L5LB Freehweel Mechanism.

Kito Safety Training

KITO Canada Inc. offers free safety training to help keep you and your worksite safe. Learn about KITO hoists and chain with our knowledgeable factory representatives and technical support team. Contact a factory representative for more details.

KITO Global

Since its founding in 1932, KITO has been a leading manufacturer of materials-handling equipment, which is essential to the task of lifting, moving and holding loads, supplying safe, durable products. This video will be a brief introduction about the company and how its products and service help to build a more convenient and comfortable society.

HD3C Easy Adjustable Trolley

The reliability, operational smoothness, and safety of your hoist depends on the trolley. Contoured wheels that fit both tapered and flat-flange beams, lifetime lubricated bearings, and a low-turn radius are just some of the benefits of the HD3C spark resistant push/pull and geared trolley.

Certified to ATEX standards to ensure safer lifting in dust-laden or explosive gas atmospheres.

VLCB - Explosion Protected Manual Chain Hoist

KITO Van Leusden

KITO Van Leusden Factory Walkthrough

Yamanashi Factory News

KITO Europe

EQ Series

Welcome to the EQ family of powered hoists: smooth starts and stops, adjustable speeds, and unbeatable precision. Fitted with a Variable Frequency Drive and with single and three phase power, the EQ is where safety and performance meet innovation.

ER2 Series

The ER2 electric hoist is designed for peak performance—even on the toughest jobs in the toughest conditions. Its quiet operation and minimal vibration lowers workplace noise pollution, helps reduce worker fatigue, and extends the life of the hoist. Practical durability at its best, the ER2 lets you get the job done safely and worry-free.

ED Series

Plug the ED into any standard 115 V wall socket and you’re ready to lift. With speeds up to 44 fpm, you’ll be amazed that such a small hoist moves so quickly. Designed for productivity and portability, the ED also offers a variable-speed option to adjust the speed to best suit your application.

LB Series

The L5LB forged an entirely new, industry-leading benchmark by being smaller, lighter, and stronger than any other lever hoist on the market. Its proven strength and durability stand up in an endless array of grueling applications, including environments where temperatures drop to a bone-chilling -40 ˚C.

CX Series

LX Series

Don’t be fooled by its award winning pocket-sized design; the LX is no lightweight. Its robust integrated aluminum housing, tip supported hook latches, and heat treated gears and chain make this a small hoist that delivers huge durability and performance. And, with a 1mm lifting accuracy, the LX is capable of positioning your load exactly where you want it. Try it in either available capacity: the LX ¼tweighs in at only 4 lbs, making it the ideal lever hoist for work in tight quarters or elevated locations. Or try the LX ½t, which weighs in at only 6 lbs, for even more pulling power.

CB Series

The CB proves its unmatched pulling power in the most extreme conditions. Exceptional, heavy-grade components make this a long lasting workhorse that tackles severe -40˚ C temperatures and truly hostile Northern winters.

LX Freewheel Function

L5LB Freewheel Function

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